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BAETULO flumen. [.] Río Besós, Badalona, Barcelona. FIg. mencionado por Pomponio Mela, autor que lo sitúa cercano al IOVIS mons discurriendo por su población homónima, en territorio  LAIETANO del Conventus Tarraconensis.

El prefijo [bérico ‘bai-’ se ]interpreta con significado de río.”

The structure of the world is based on mutual interference: in the way in which different origins, spirits and biologies have created a unique horizon. The old link between city and river has always been essential to connect nature and culture, man and landscape: a double bond, from which we come.


In ancient times, the rhythms of the high and low tide of the rivers marked the life of human beings, who associated the cycle of river currents with the cycle of their lives, directly related to birth and death: the river It was considered a symbol of the return to the origins.


The Besòs river is born from the double link between two rivers and creates in its entire route multiple relations between the territory and its inhabitants, creating its own ecosystem.


For two years, Duae Collective (Silvia Campidelli / Luna Coppola) explores and studies the Besòs river in relation to the city of Barcelona; an artistic research on its social, urban and natural ecosystem that has generated a large archive of aspects of the river related to its history, biology and existence in the city environment. The research focuses for two years on the cultural, (bio) political, chemical and biological realities of the aquatic environment of the Besòs River, which serves as a starting point to investigate and address the philosophical questions about the intersection of art, technology and The science.


With THE ORIGIN, Duae Collective wants to start a second phase of the project, focused on the origins of the river, in this double bond that generates its birth, its relationship with the human being and the territory, a trip that wants to deepen its history and its ecosystem. The research wants to deepen the anthropogenic presence that has always been present in this river, which has influenced the life and behavior of the entire cycle of its ecosystem.

Curators: Mixitè

Exhibition: Cycle Ficcions Urbanes, Aparador Museo Abellô, Mollet del Valles, Barcelona

Supported by: MixitèMuseo Abellò, Ayuntamiento Mollet del Valles, Diputación de Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya



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