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THE COAL CODE is a research project that combines an exchange of knowledge between different disciplines and techniques. The project explores new representations of the urban landscape as an intangible relationship between people and territory. The work, through a process of experimentation, emphasizes the invisible and immaterial aspects of reality, representing a new image of the city.


THE COAL CODE represents, through the drawing, the geo localized photographs stored in the Instagram social service obtained through the API query, analyzed over a day. From these Instagram data we have made a new interpretation of the city through our imagination, translating the intangible mathematical principles of the digital world into the tangible world on a cartographic basis. Drawing, data analysis, and cartography have been necessary tools for a better understanding of our environment and the city. In this work, the imagination is more important than a mathematical data for a new cartographic model of the city.

Curators: Chiquita Room

Exhibition: Collective Exhibition Plan BChiquita Room Barcelona.

Technical Skills: Pencil on Paper Software Python, Sublime Text, Javascript, Api Instagram, Mapbox.



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