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Suported by: Fabra i Coats, Fabrica de Creacion

Technical Skills: Pencil on Paper, Software Google Earth, Mapbox, Photography



During our residency at Fabrica de Creacion, Fabra i Coats de Barcelona, we are developing our Selfscape method, working on the northern territory of Barcelona, in the Sant Andreu neighborhood, on its borders and on the changes it has had since the beginning of the Works of the train stations. 

Selfscape Is a multidisciplinary method that uses different media and languages that aims to carry out a Collective, Multidisciplinary and Transmedia project on a territory in transformation. The use of photography, digital media, cartography, drawings and videos are necessary to give way to emotional and intimate places of the territory. It uses the cartographic and virtual space of Google Maps and the real space to build a series of narrations based on the itineraries made and the experience of direct contact with the landscape and its inhabitants.

The project is in the research phase, we have just completed the first phase. The project involves the neighborhood community and the Fabra i Coats spaces are a landmark for our work. The work is divided into two phases:

The personal artistic process in which we explore and develop our own emotional geography of the territory, using photography, new technologies and the creation of personal maps;

The other phase is the one that involves people living in the territory: We use different techniques and artistic languages such as writing and rewriting of maps by the people to bring to places a new identity through narration and photography , Arriving at a new awareness in relation to the everyday landscape

Through our research, we will create an ATLAS of the explored territories, a place to generate new projects, integrate collaborations with resident artists and with people living in the territory.

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