How can I reconcile family life with my artistic production as a mother and an artist?

What support can I have from organizations, as a mother and worker in the cultural sector?

How to develop new policies, work practices, and inclusive working and living spaces for families working in the cultural sector and in the creative industry?

How can I develop and increase children's active

participation in the art world in my organization?

Why is it important to include an interdisciplinary and educational model in my organization?

If you are a mother artist, curator, writer, musician, worker in the cultural sector and in the creative industry or if you are a public or private organization, space of creation and artistic residence, museum, gallery, art festival, photography festival, art fair, etc. .. you probably found yourself asking yourself these questions.


We offer mentorship services with parent artists looking for structured tutoring for their creative practices.  


Artists can use their mentorship sessions to: 



  • Make a strong start back to working after a break (for example after having children)

  • Prepare and get feedback on portfolio, grant application, upcoming exhibition and upcoming projects

  • Set and achieve professional goals

  • Looking for residencies space in your city.

  • Network with galleries, museum and curators.


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