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During the exhibition that took place at the Centro Civico Baro de Viver in September 2019, we worked in parallel with the dissemination of research and the creative process through two educational and participatory actions at the Centro Civic Baro de Viver and the territory around the Besòs river.


All the material that was produced during these activities, during the outings, explorations and talks was material from the project itself.


During the exhibition we held a workshop with two classes at the L’Esperança Institute, the workshop was focused on a young target.


Walkscape Besòs, is a participatory walk to build narrative maps around the territory of the Baro de Viver neighborhood. We have collectively experimented with different ways of interpreting a territory as complex as the Besòs area and the relationship between the urban and natural environment through walking.


Through maps that we give to the participants, the result we aim at is that through this exploration the river ceases to be a border and a marginal element of the city, to become the center of the vision of a future city and sustainable.


Throughout the itinerary each participant used different approaches to gather information and use the map.


The maps have become part of the project.

Exhibition: Besos: A noble Ecosystem, Centro Civico Baro de Viver

Supported by: Centro Civico Baro de Viver, Fabra i Coats Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, Districto de Sant Andreu.



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