NEL NOME DEL PADRE / 2018 - Ongoing

The project born from the need to tell as artists, our personal and direct experience of the choice to be mothers and the interference of a patriarchal society in which the figure of the father is predominant.


In 2016 we decided to become mothers, a condition desired as an act of free choice, not entrusted to chance. As artists we have decided to document our project of life from the beginning, because we believe that through our role we can bring new perspectives, changes and challenge the dynamics of the society in which we live.


The project focuses on the legal and personal battle, to the recognition by the Italian State, of the identity and belonging of our children to our family nucleus. In Italy, the "natural" family is constituted by the enduring and socially recognized union of a man with a woman and their offspring.Our children Victoria and Noah were conceived through the assisted reproduction technique and were born in Spanish territory; they were registered at the offices of the civil registry of Barcelona as legitimate children of both, with double surname.They have not acquired Spanish citizenship for lack of what is called "IUS SOLI". Victoria and Noah, European citizens, before being registered in Italy were considered stateless persons without identity for about a year. After a year of struggle, thanks to the support of a lawyer, the children were recognized as children of two mothers. Through photographs, videos, documentation and research carried out from conception until today, we have collected the first chapter of a project that goes beyond our personal experience.



Fabra I Coats - Fabrica de Creación

Second Floor, Estudi F

Carrer Sant Adrià 20,

Barcelona, Spain




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