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During the exhibition Besòs: A Noble Ecosystem that took place at the Centro Civico Baro de Viver in September 2019, we worked in parallel with the dissemination of research and the creative process through two educational and participatory actions at the Centro Civic Baro de Viver and the territory around the Besòs river.


All the material that was produced during these activities, during the outings, explorations and talks was material from the project itself.

The workshop on Historical Memory and Construction of New Landscapes had as participants the elderly from the Baro de Viver neighborhood and the children from the Escola Baro de Viver.


Through a temporal map, the older people told stories and stories of the river in relation to the territory and gave instruments to the other younger participants in order to build a new landscape of the river.


Through the stories of the elderly about the old image of the river, the children will be in charge of making proposals for a new vision of the river, its surroundings and the landscape.



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