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The project is an artistic and multidisciplinary research: is a reflection on the human movement from a known space toward an unknown place. We have collected 15 maps from the meeting in Berlin with Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi refugees asking them to draw us a map of their journey; each map is a unique and its reproduction is impossible. We decided to take the same path, in a virtual space, unknown to us. The research uses a new form of investigative practice as like a forensic artists that examine the context under several aspects: everything becomes part of the project.


We started a dialogue between the migratory routes and our way of perceiving these maps: the virtual space of Google Earth and the real space are overlaid to generate a second narration based on the routes made by migrants and on our capacity to translate these maps. The project has been implemented in two phases: one of creating neocartography, using new technologies and a second phase of research and documentation.


After last social and political event’s we explored all the concept around this changes: working in a multidisciplinary way we realized that we were in front of new languages, words, borders, social and political experiments. The result is a sensitive, complex and dynamic view, with the contribution of the different disciplinary approaches, reconstructing the routes of migrants, the socio-political and economic changes in Europe, emphasizing the relationship between human beings and the environment.

Exhibition: Pop Up Exhibition PHEST.

Technical Skills: Pencil on Paper, Software Google Earth, Mapbox, Synmap, Draw, Photography

15 Original Maps, A4.



Europe, Original Map. 90x60 cm

Our personal journey with Google Earth.

Synmap Cartography, Original piece, 100x100 cm

Origina Draw, Distance Journey from Aleppo to Berlin, A4

Our research on Asylum procedures and European Laws about the transit zone and migrations journey. This research was realised from 2016 to 2018

Social Constellations.

3 Minutes, Installation

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