LEAVE  -  Ongoing project. 

The project is an artistic and multidisciplinary research: is a reflection on the human movement from a known space toward an unknown place. We have collected 15 maps from the meeting in Berlin with Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi refugees asking them to draw us a map of their journey; each map is a unique and its reproduction is impossible. We decided to take the same path, in a virtual space, unknown to us. The research uses a new form of investigative practice as like a forensic artists that examine the context under several aspects: everything becomes part of the project. We started a dialogue between the migratory routes and our way of perceiving these maps: the virtual space of Google Earth and the real space are overlaid to generate a second narration based on the routes made by migrants and on our capacity to translate these maps. The project has been implemented in two phases: one of creating neocartography, using new technologies and a second phase of research and documentation. After last social and political event’s we explored all the concept around this changes: working in a multidisciplinary way we realized that we were in front of new languages, words, borders, social and political experiments. The result is a sensitive, complex and dynamic view, with the contribution of the different disciplinary approaches, reconstructing the routes of migrants, the socio-political and economic changes in Europe, emphasizing the relationship between human beings and the environment.



Fabra I Coats - Fabrica de Creación

Second Floor, Estudi F

Carrer Sant Adrià 20,

Barcelona, Spain




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