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This workshop was focused on an Intergenerational group, where older people who know the territory use historical memory to give instruments to other younger participants to build a new landscape of the Besòs River through its passage in Mollet del Valles.

The workshop is focused on a historical reconstruction of the river through stories, drawings and a construction of new possible landscapes to create a collective map that brings together all the stories.


The Duae collective guided the participants in a reinterpretation of the landscape to highlight the singularities of the territory and the relationship between the river and the city of Mollet del Valles. The result of this workshop was part of the exhibition.

Curators: Mixitè

Exhibition: Cycle Ficcions Urbanes, Aparador Museo Abellô, Mollet del Valles, Barcelona

Supported by: MixitèMuseo Abellò, Ayuntamiento Mollet del Valles, Diputación de Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya



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