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Within the framework of the Fluid Dynamics exhibition project, Duae Collective proposes an open and collective workshop to the inhabitants of Baix Ter, with the purpose of reflecting on the concept of landscape as a result of the relationship between human action and the evolution of nature.


We imagine this workshop as an open and white space, where the inhabitants of the Baix ter can draw, build, represent the landscape they live. We see this workshop as an open possibility to involve all generations of inhabitants in the contribution of their own perception, stories, and visions of the landscape through the materials.


The installation foresees a paper of 1.10mt x 5-10 mt (approx depends on the space) that is like "a canvas to paint outdoors" hung in a public space, allowing the participants to access freely and independently by the time they want. The objective is that the workshop is a space where artistic practice affects a social space, emphasizing the relationship between the inhabitants and the landscape through art.

Dinàmiques fluïdes Exhibition 

Curatorial Introduction by Espai Maap.

For the first time, we want to make the test of opening the artistic laboratory to the public and the citizen community, giving it a participatory artistic exhibition format. We believe that by working with this type of artistic expression, collective communication channels are strengthened that allow interaction with all sensitivitiesof citizenship.


We hope that the results arising from a participatory artistic action such as the one we propose with Fluid Dynamics will allow us to identify the real interaction between the community-individual and the natural environment while provoking experiences of emotional connection with the territory.

We also hope to establish new tools for action on territorial studies in order to disseminate new models of citizen participation that can help future architectural proposals and that these can be adapted in other bioregions.

Exhibition: Museu de la Mediterrania, Torroella de Montgri.

Participatory Workshop Supported by: Espai Maap, Museu de la Mediterrania, Diputacion de Girona, Ayuntamiento de Torroella de Montgri.



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