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GEOGRAFÍA SENSIBLE is a process of artistic research carried out by the students of the first edition of the  course, held in El Observatorio and coordinated by the artists of the collective Duae Collective (Luna Coppola and Silvia Campidelli). 


A collective, multidisciplinary and transmedia project that explores the confluence area between the Ripoll River and the Besos River: a semi-urban, peripheral and undergoing territory. Through a series of explorations (individual and collective, geographic and artistic) carried out completely on foot along the Ripoll River, the authors have progressively discovered and mapped the landscape, collected images, drawings, objects and recorded the voices of the Inhabitants of the area.

GEOGRAFÍA SENSIBLE Collects the fragments generated thanks to the active interaction between the authors and the landscape.  In the installation each element found along the way finds its place and with its presence contributes to define the emotional, geographic and anthropological imaginary of the territory explored. The cartographic and virtual space of Google Earth and the real space are superimposed to generate a second narrative based on the itineraries realized by the authors and in the individual experience in the landscape and with the river.

The result is a sensitive, complex and dynamic map, made with the contribution of the most diverse disciplinary approaches, re-constructing the daily and past history of the Ripoll River, emphasizing the relationship between human being and environment.



Curators: Duae Collective, El Observatorio

Exhibition: Nau Bostik, Barcelona

Supported by: El Observatorio, Nau Bostik, Ayuntamiento de Montcada i Reixac

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