Our cities live a moment of change, society lives disconnected from the natural environment, which it perceives with a foreign place that does not belong to it, without thinking many times that they are part of this territory and this environment. This separation has been created in recent decades has led us to live a very important climate emergency. Stopping this separation and re-appropriating the territory, the neighborhoods, the natural environment requires a positive vision, an active position of all citizens.

The Ecosystem Besos program was born in 2017 in collaboration with the Triennial Photography Hamburg, the  Biennial Photography Porto and the Fabra y Coats Art Factory, to give this change and reconnect the people living in the city of Barcelona, starting with the neighbors of the Besos river, with its natural means of belonging, through an artistic practice based on citizen participation.

Throughout these two years we have also collaborated with the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, which have allowed us to develop a multidisciplinary program and project, involving many agents of the territory and the neighbors of the neighborhoods of the Besos River.


We want to continue working on this program and weave a network between citizens and their natural environment through:


  • Collaborative Research Devices

  • Work groups

  • Workshops with schools and institutes

  • Workshops with the community

  • Collective Cartographies


The result of this program wants to be a piece of collaborative art that will serve as a reference to analyze the effects of climate change in this particular territory over time.

If you are a school, an institution, a foundation, neighborhood association, civic center, and you want to work with us,

write to us:


Fabra I Coats - Fabrica de Creación

Second Floor, Estudi F

Carrer Sant Adrià 20,

Barcelona, Spain




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