How can we contribute to the transition towards a better adapted and more sustainable society? 

How can artistic thinking and practices creatively expand discourse around these issues and

translate thinking into action,  to develop strategies for sustainability? 

To answer these questions, we have created this line of work. A platform of interdisciplinary and educational projects, which wants to move towards synergy between artistic practices, collaborative creation, education, ecology, science, sound art, new visions and imaginary where new generations are an active part of creation .


From here, the collaboration we already have with schools, universities, collectives, scientists, musicians, and experts is essential to collaborate beyond individual disciplines, researching future-oriented issues. Where education and art are the basis for creating unique projects, new networks, additional platforms and innovative approaches to teaching and research. We want to create a model that bets on research to transform territories from an open and participatory model.


Fabra I Coats - Fabrica de Creación

Second Floor, Estudi F

Carrer Sant Adrià 20,

Barcelona, Spain




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