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Technical Skills: Photography, Video, Cartography.



Danubio, Donau, Duna, Dunaj, Dunav, Dunav Dunarea:  Danus (o dƒ-) fiume.

DANUS TRANSEUROPE is a project that is born from the need to make a reflection on the ambiguity of the concept of the border and its meaning in a time when the EU is being questioned. Our research will take place on the Danube, which with its 2860 km, wet ten European countries, is the belt that crosses and encircles the vast plains of Eastern Europe with the West. Our goal is to capture the true essence of the Danube which becomes a space of cesura, transition and suspension, a fluid and variable border, a non-coincidence of national borders with those real and lived by populations. The photograph will be the medium for a reflection on space, its evolution and the relationship between people and border areas. The Danube as a new European identity, characterized by human micro-geographies and multiform cartography.


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