Besos: A Noble Ecosystem  is a multidisciplinary and partecipatory project, and an exchange of knowledge between art, ecology, science, that focusing on urban sustainability.


The aim of the project is that the river Besòs become an important element of connection between the fluvial, social, econòmic, natural ecosystems to bring more sustainability to the city of Barcelona, ceasing to be a natural border between city and its suburbs.


The project show how the interaction between the city and the river, human being and nature, is recursive, in progress; in this concept of transformation, in which the shape of things changes, the water of the river as a mysterious, perpetual, primordial element, allows the mixing and fusion of parts apparently foreign to each other, acting as a binder and a place where build new relationships. The city and the river have become an organism, an ecosystem in itself showing the surprisingly large capacity of nature, to recombine evolving structures and processes, to be resilient, of enduring perturbations by the complexity of human impacts.


The project was developed in various phases with the support of different festivals, entities and curators. This aspect of sharing between these different agents, has meant that the project could be developed on several levels in order to make all the disciplines and languages harmoniously dialogue.


Curators: Virgilio Ferreira , Krzysztof Candrowicz,  Arianna Rinaldo.

Festival, Exhibition: Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg,  Espai Zero Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Barcelona, Casa do Infante Biennal of Photography, Oporto, Centre Civic Baro de Viver, Museo do Douro, Porto.

Supported by: Triennial of Photography Hamburg, Bienal'19 Fotografia D' OportoCentre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona - Fabra i Coats, ICUB Institut de Cultura Ayuntamiento de Barcelona - Generalitat de Catalunya, LFI-Leica Fotografie International, Bienal Ciutat i Ciencia Barcelona, UAB Universidad Autonoma Barcelona, UPC Politecnico de Catalunya




In these images we show the work process which lasted 10 months.


The first meeting took place in Amsterdam at 2 Boats, a floating education platform, during the Unseen Photo Fair in September 2017. The second meeting took place in Porto, six month later, March 2018. The last meeting took place in Hamburg for the final exhibition at Triennial of Photography 2018. The workshop coordinated by Virgilio Ferreira and Krzysztof Candrowicz. During all the projects we worked with our kids, Victoria and Noah.


At the first meeting in Amsterdam they were 7 months old. We have traveled with them for the two workshop by car.


They are the little artists of ESCAPE program. During the 10 months we worked on the river Besos, alone and with others people. 


Fabra I Coats - Fabrica de Creación

Second Floor, Estudi F

Carrer Sant Adrià 20,

Barcelona, Spain




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