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The Besòs river floods us / Participatory Workshop

Escola Can Fabra, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona.


In 2019 we have been part of Barcelona Dibuixa, organized by Museo Picasso.​

In this workshop we have involved citizens, adults and children to actively participate in our artistic research. Through the use of draw, we have involved the entire city to represent the bacteria found in the Besos River, creating a relationship between citizenship, the environment, science, ecology and sustainability.

805 people, adults and children, participated in our workshop, we used 80 meters of paper and many colors.

Barcelona’s big drawing festival, with a new name that fully reflects its spirit, is being held in even more neighbourhoods and more organisations than ever! As many as 48 free workshops where young and old can share their creativity and explore the possibilities offered by pencil and paper.



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