<< … venimmo a quella foce stretta dov' Ercule segnò li suoi riguardi…>> 

The thirst for knowledge, the search for new worlds to discover, of what is unknown and full of dangers, pushed the man to go beyond also "the Pillars of Hercules," the insurmountable limit of the land known, considered by the ancients the end of inhabited world.  Alla Ricerca delle Colonne d’Ercole, it is a long-term artistic research project started in October 2016.  This is a first chapter of the research of the extreme limit, of the hunger for knowledge that is behind the creation of the first maps, and we're going to explore guided by myths, legends, to discover the area. A research on the western boundary, that represented for the ancients an insurmountable limit of the known world: the literature, the mythology, the history will be the starting points for a real exploration of the places. The Pillars of Hercules become more than a defined place and a geographical boundary, a western border between known and unknown that represents the fictional map of the Mediterranean and at the same time a psychological and ethics map, where everything is much less defined and stable.

These places become open spaces, undefined, and will unveil new landscapes on the Mediterranean: this sea which is unifying principle and the separator, the symbol of the becoming for its float unstoppable, like the movement of time that has become history.

We have worked on several levels reconstructing all the fragments of our journey. We have built a travel story that includes photographs, maps, charts, drawings, texts, videos and a notebook / diary in which we recounted, in detail, the preparatory research work to the storytelling and the exploration diary.



Fabra I Coats - Fabrica de Creación

Second Floor, Estudi F

Carrer Sant Adrià 20,

Barcelona, Spain




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