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Duae is a collective and collaborative platform based in Barcelona that operates in the field of contemporary visual research, founded in 2015 by Luna Coppola and Silvia Campidelli. Since 2016 is a resident artist at Fabra i Coats, Fabrica de Creacio. From 2021 it becomes an associated project of the Fabrica di Creacion Fabra i Coats.


The Collective develops projects and artistic research with a multidisciplinary and transversal approach, through the use of video, photography, new technology, drawing, cartography, sound, installations and combining an exchange of knowledge, collaborative dynamics, creativity and environmental issues that explore the intersections between: art, technology, ecology and science.


The working methodology that we use wants to activate processes of critical reflection, and generate connections between contemporary artistic practices and society, eliminating institutional boundaries with the intention of connecting educational, environmental, cultural, and territorial heritage issues.

Duae is known for working in various contexts with people from different backgrounds and with different professions, supporting a more inclusive, open and co-creative way of working. To this end, over the years, we have developed many methods and exercises based on storytelling, cartography, participatory processes, design thinking and shared experiences that stimulate the necessary creative and open conversations in these contexts.


Duae Collective is an independent project that collaborates and has the support of various public institutions, private foundations, museums and residency programs. 




2021Besòs: A Noble Ecosystem, / Fabra I Coats, Fabrica de Creation, Jornadas ECOSS. Barcelona


2019 - Besòs: A Noble Ecosystem, Museo Do Douro / October - December,  2019, Porto, Portugal

2019 - Besòs: A Noble Ecosystem, Centro Civico Baro de Viver  / September  2019, Barcelona, Spain

2019 - Besòs: A Noble Ecosystem, Casa do Infante Museum / Bienal Fotografia de Oporto / May - July  2019, Porto, Portugal

2019 - The Origin, Museo Abellò / Abril - July  2019, Mollet del Valles, Barcelona, Spain

2019 - Besòs: A Noble Ecosystem, Espai Zero, Centro de Arte Contemporanea, Fabra i Coats / January - March 2019, Barcelona, Spain

2018 - The Coal Code, Plan B Barcelona ,Chiquita Room /  November 2018, Barcelona, Spain

2018 - Besos: A Noble Ecosystem, Swab Art Fair Barcelona /  September  2018, Barcelona, Spain


2018 - Besos: A Noble Ecosystem, ,Triennial of Photography Hamburg /  June 2018, Hamburg, Germany

2017 - Alla Ricerca delle Colonne d'Ercole - Emersioni Giovane Collettiva Fotografia, Livorno, Italy

2017 - Alla Ricerca delle Colonne d´Ercole - Festival a-More, Croazia

2016 - Leave ( a poem of traces ) - PhEST Festa Internazionale della Fotografia, Monopoli, Italy

2015 - How to get there -  Spazio Forma, Milan, Italy 

2014 - Unknown Project - Spazio Labo during SlideLuck in Bologna, Italy  -

2014 - Exporting Cures - Nits Docfield - Documentary Photography Barcelona, Spain​​

Einess - Bitlab - Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, November 2021


Ecoss - Ecosistemas del Inesperat - Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, November 2021

Premi Villadrich Artes Visuales 2021 - Torrelameu, Lleida, September 2021


​Museo MACRO -  Vicinanze, Residenza Condivisa  - Roma, November 2019

Museu de la Mediterrania -  Conference La Naturalesa Creant / Torroella de Montgri, Girona, Spain - October 2019

Nexus + E-Space - Open Sessions / Neighborhoods and artistic practices: Besos A Noble Ecosystem - June 2018

Triennial of Photography Hamburg and CICLO - Platform of Photography -  The [ESCAPE] exhibition and educational project - September 2017 - June 2018

Fabra I Coats, Fabrica de Creación - Artístic Residency  - January 2017 - Ongoing - Barcelona, Spain

ÖRÖ Residency Programme - - October 2016 - Finland

Serlachius Museum -  Residency  Programme- - July 2017 - Finland

Fine Art Academy -  Speeching and Workshop Selfscape - Naples, Italy - December 2015

Fine Art Accademy -  L'Ospite - International Art Therapy Conference -  Naples, Italy - December 2015

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